By Alfie MacLeod (Cape Breton West – Deputy Speaker of PC Caucus):

SYDNEY RIVER, NS – Progressive Conservative Natural Resources critic Alfie MacLeod said the industry is still in the dark about how the NDP government plans to handle forestry management in Nova Scotia.

“It’s getting extremely frustrating for those who rely on natural resources as their livelihood to not know what the future holds,” said MacLeod. “Harvest time is being lost as the NDP continue to drag their feet on releasing the strategy.”

In May 2010, the government received a report, A Natural Balance, that was the starting point in the development of a broader natural resources strategy that was due by December 31, 2010.

Without knowing what government regulations will be, owners and operators are hesitant to implement forest management plans on their property, which is impacting their bottom line.

“It’s been 16 months in development but this government is still unable to offer woodlot owners and operations even the most basic answers,” said MacLeod. “I can appreciate taking an extra month to get it right but this is a massive delay that is costing the industry.”

The NDP have committed to a 50 per cent reduction in clear cutting however MacLeod says industry representatives are concerned that the definition of a clear cut is anything but clear.

“The government has put the cart before the horse when they announced the clear cutting policy before explaining what their definition of a clear cut is,” said MacLeod.


Originally posted by Eddie Orrell from pccaucus.ns.ca:

SYDNEY, NS – “The real cost of high taxes and the increase in HST can be seen in the 9,300 jobs lost in Nova Scotia since the NDP became government,” says Progressive Conservative Economic and Rural Development and Tourism critic Eddie Orrell.

Job numbers from July 2011 show Nova Scotia lost 9,300 full-time jobs since July 2009 when the NDP became government.

“Nova Scotia families are taxed to the hilt to finance the economic development strategy of this government but where are the results?” asked Orrell. “Nova Scotians want to work and businesses want to grow but this government is taking us all in the wrong direction.”

There was a dramatic drop of 5,000 full time jobs between June and July and Orrell says that our tourism sector is feeling the effects of our province’s suffering economy.

“The NDP government is not creating the right economic conditions to create jobs,” said Orrell. “They are driving up the cost of everything – food, gas, electricity – and the result is unemployment and hardship for families.”

From the PC Caucus website:

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Health and Wellness critic Chris d’Entremont says hospitals were left waiting while the NDP scrambled to find $7 million for needed equipment.

“The NDP have mismanaged this file from the start,” said d’Entremont. “Our District Health Authorities have been waiting in the dark for months to hear what pieces of equipment government would be allocating them this year because the government didn’t budget for them in April.”

In the 2011/12 budget estimates, Premier Dexter scrapped the $20 million budget for health equipment, allocating zero dollars.

“This government bragged of a surplus before introducing their 2011/12 budget so I was certainly shocked that there wasn’t a dime allocated to ensuring essential equipment at Nova Scotia’s hospitals remains in service,” said d’Entremont.

When PC leader Jamie Baillie first raised this issue in May, the NDP claimed hospitals would be able to fund equipment purchases out of their operating grants.

d’Entremont said today’s reversal shows Baillie was right when he said the NDP are poor managers of the public purse.

“The announcement today of $7 million for equipment at Capital and Annapolis Valley Health is proof they’ve spent the last few months scrambling to find the money needed to keep patients safe and our hospitals operable,” concluded d’Entremont.


– The NDP government of Nova Scotia collected $654 dollars more in tax per capita from Nova Scotians. The increased tax burden for a family of four: $2,616.

– 80 per cent of the NDP government’s “better than estimated” result is from higher tax revenues.

– Public Accounts Vol. 1 documents (page 43) say HST revenue is “higher than the prior year primarily as a result of the two percentage point increase in the HST rate that became effective on July 1, 2010.”

– The Finance Minister claimed the higher HST revenue came from increased consumer spending but consumer spending over the same period in Nova Scotia was flat: 0.1 per cent, the third worst retails sales number in the country (Source: StatsCan).

– The Finance Minister has said gas and diesel sales drop when prices are high but motive fuel tax revenues are up $7.2 million over the year before.

– The NDP government does not report how much of the $291 million in additional HST revenue came from gas and diesel sales.


– The NDP government is estimating departmental spending will increase by $471 million in 2011-12, a six per cent increase over the previous year.

– Billion dollar swing: From a surplus of $569 million to a deficit of $390 million in 2012 is a swing of $959 million.

– In 2012, the debt will grow by $678.9 million, which is 3 times the reduction in 2011.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the NDP government’s tax grab is hurting the economy and costing jobs.

“Contrary to the story that was spun for them yesterday, Nova Scotians know that higher taxes kill jobs and hurt our economy in the long run,” said Baillie.


I’ve been attempting to compile a list of endorsements for the Conservatives lately, and today came across Stephen Taylor’s list, which is very well done – much better than my attempt!

So, I urge all Canadians to read what the leading newspapers and news sources are say and make an informed decision on election day. Check it out!!

As well, someone posted this in the comments section of my last post, which is also good if you don’t want the blurbs along with the links. This page also shows the lack of endorsements for the other parties, minus the NDP which not surprisingly has a couple of endorsements.

Let’s quit hoping for a Conservative majority and let’s get out to the polls and make it happen! Convince your friends and family, drive them to the polls, what ever you can do to help the cause!

Two more sources announced their endorsement of the Conservative Party: The Montreal Gazette and the Winnipeg Free Press.

These two can now be added to my growing list:

The Globe & Mail, The National Post, TheRecord.com, The Prince Arthur Herald, InsideToronto.com, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, The Montreal Gazette , and The Winnipeg Free Press.

If anyone has other endorsements I can add to the list, let me know!

With only a few days left till the election, endorsements are coming from many national news sources. The Globe & Mail, The National Post, TheRecord.com, The Prince Arthur Herald, InsideToronto.com,and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford all officially endorsed Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Although not exactly a news source, I also endorse a majority Conservative government: we need a majority government that can get things done, finish the recovery from the recession, and ensure a stable low-tax economy. Although from an issue of the Chronicle Herald in Halifax that was from a week ago, a couple letters to the editor caught my eye. Being the nerd that I am, I ripped them out and scanned them. Pro-conservative letters coming from the Chronicle Herald is interesting in itself, but they actually provided some valuable insight: